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“Who’s the Main Character?!”

“Who’s the main character?” asked a 12-year-old boy attending last Friday’s author reading of MOM*ME.

Homeschooling moms and kids, and some grandparents gathered October 4 in Los Gatos, California to hear about how authors get story ideas; illustrators create drawings of them, and how the two work together to publish a book.

The young person’s question made me think about who is the main character in that parent/child relationship. It’s the child of course! But we decided that, in the story, it’s both. After all the boy is learning how to play with his mom, and the mother is figuring how to set limits with her son.

Since writing MOM*ME, several adults have told me they want to write.

To that the author shared on Friday, “Many of you, maybe moms too, are already storytellers and writers – I hear my own kid’s Dungeons and Dragons and Live Action Role Playing (LARP) stories. Other children act in skits, tell story ideas to parents, perform magic shows complete with patter, and at least two kids I know write and direct plays.

I record story ideas when I got them, but good ideas slip away, so capture them when you have them!”

What’s your story?


IMG_7487author illustrator




“Sometimes I Jump On My Mommy!”


First Public Reading

Wednesday, May 23, I got to read MOM*ME to the 3-year-old preschool class at Mulberry School, in Los Gatos, California. Fifteen children listened to the debut reading about all the things mommies definitely are not and some imaginative things they can be.


Kid’s Comments!

The kids laughed and commented about the story. When he saw the boy in the story jumping on his mother, one little child said, “Sometimes I jump on my mommy.” At the airplane page, several children joined in to make the “Whooosh!” sound. “There’s a mountain,” another one said.


Children Decorate Hildy’s New Drawing

The reading was a big hit topped off by an art activity created by MOM*ME illustrator Hildy Charboneau. Hildy designed a brand new line drawing depicting a scene of the dalmatian, boy in the orange T-shirt, and mom from the story (below). The children had fun decorating it with multi-colored glitter glue.


Your Kid’s Turn

Would your children like to color Hildy’s drawing?  Go to You’ll find it under the kid’s activities. Download and decorate!