Slow Down: Front Yard Wild Animal

While out watering and picking strawberries (not many) front yard wild animal scampered onto the edge of my garden cage. At first I thought the — bear with me — small, narrow, brown, bumpy, being was a grasshopper. I don’t like grasshoppers. They remind me of cockroaches, which I also detest, so seeing the tiny tail, two tiny front, and two tiny rear legs and less than two-inch body wiz across the wooden boarder was a relief and almost got an out loud audible “Awwwww,” and urge to scurry in and gather my family to rush out to see the baby reptile.

Instead I ran for my camera. Of course the battery was dead, it always is, but the lizard did not leave while I was away.

Settled atop the frame, it pumped its front and hind legs, the way they do. Me, I carried on a silent and sometimes quiet out loud conversation with it,. “Hey there little guy. Yup, picking fruit today. Think I’ll boost this dirt around the neck of the plant. Just lifting this wood a bit here. Not to worry.”

The lizard remained.

Still intent on clicking the camera, I circled the garden plot to find the best angle and also avoid the sun and shadows pressing from above.

Then I settled into my work. It’s good to appreciate life in the (not so) wild front yard.

Any wild life you appreciate lately?

Slow own for front yard wild animal

Baby Wild Animal