Mom Author Interviewed by Five Teenage Boys

IMG_0378“Who’s your favorite author?”

“What do you do when you get stuck writing?”

“What do you think of my story idea? Is it good?”

On Monday I got to answer these and many more questions at a creative writing class of five teenagers.  The boys have been writing all fall with Academic Antics creative writing teacher Susan Miller. Academic Antics offers a variety of classes to homeschool students in the Silicon Valley.

At their final class Susan invited me share my experiences publishing a book. The kids heard about how MOM*ME got written and published. They learned where I get story ideas, how I stay focused beyond initial inspiration, how to keep a writer’s notebooks, the importance of daily writing and critique, and benefits of professional writer’s organizations and critique. They also examined my first draft, story board, and dummy book, among many examples of the writing and publishing experience. It was fun to talk to kids about writing,  hear about their stories in progress, and hopefully have a part in encouraging them to write more. Looking forward to future presentations including joining Academic Antic’s Literacy Fair this spring!